May the fourth be with you: A chat with Star Wars fan Heinrich Bock

In a galaxy not so far, far away, Mr Heinrich Bock, Facilities Manager of the Department of Chemical Engineering, is a bona fide Star Wars fan(atic). From enjoying the movies as a young boy with his dad to collecting an impressive Lego tribute to the franchise that boasts 55 sets – we can think of no one better to feature this Star Wars Day.  

 See more about Mr Bock’s love for Star Wars below, and remember: May the fourth be with you  

When did your love for Star Wars start, and why do you enjoy it?

I have been a fan of Star Wars since I was very young. My dad introduced me to Star Wars and took me to the theatres to watch the movies (the newer movies, of course).  

I love all types of space stories, and Star Wars is one of the biggest. It also introduced me to science fiction. I have always had a wild imagination, and Star Wars was something I could never imagine on my own. Star Wars has become one of my favourite places to escape, to “a galaxy far, far away.”  

How many Star Wars Lego sets do you have, and when did you start collecting them?

I currently have about 55 Star Wars sets in my collection. I started my collection when I bought the Millennium Falcon (the small one) in June 2020. This was around the time I could return to work during the lockdown period. 

What is on your Stars Wars Lego bucket list to collect?

My main collection is the Star Wars helmets (I am currently only one short) and the Mandalorian sets. The biggest one on my bucket list is the UCS Razor Crest which I am trying to save up for.  

Who is your favourite Star Wars character(s), and why?

I am a big Chewbacca and Han Solo fan because who does not love a bunch of cowboys in space? The original trilogy is by far my favourite; they are the heroes that always seem to achieve the impossible at the last possible moment.


One of Mr Bock’s favourite Star Wars characters is Han Solo. This Lego set can be found in his office.