New name but same-same: welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering

Say hello to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University (SU), formerly known as the Department of Process Engineering.  

In a decision that better aligns our academic programmes with our departmental name, the Department of Process Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering at SU has been renamed to the Department of Chemical Engineering.   

“The department’s new name is also more appropriately aligned with the conventional major engineering disciplines and will reduce uncertainty among our different stakeholders,” explained Chairman Prof Christie Dorfling.  

Interestingly, the department has gone back to its original roots! It was established as the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1969 but was changed in the early 2000s. Based on more recent developments and experiences in the field of chemical engineering, it was decided in 2022 that the department should again be named the Department of Chemical Engineering.   

This name change, which took effect as of this year, does not affect the undergraduate or postgraduate degree programmes currently offered, nor does it affect any degrees awarded in the past. All activities of the department’s respective chemical engineering research groups will also continue as usual. “We look forward to positive interactions with our name change, and to ensuring that the Department of Chemical Engineering continues to go from strength to strength,” concluded Prof Dorfling.   

We invite any stakeholders to direct any queries to Prof Christie Dorfling, and look forward to furthering the field of chemical engineering under our new name.  

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