Separation Technology at PPEPPD 2019 in Vancouver

Members of the Department of Process Engineering’s Separations Technology research group recently attended the International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design (PPEPPD) held in Vancouver, Canada from 12 to 16 May 2019. The focus of the conference was on thermodynamics relevant to solving practical problems and provided both researchers and industry experts with the opportunity to learn and share.

Prof Cara Schwarz presented poster sessions on her research about the phase behavior of CO2 + n alkane + 1 alcohol systems, as well as Neo Motang’s (doctoral student and lecturer at CPUT) work on the transfer properties of CO2 + alcohol systems. Poster sessions were also presented by Sonja Smith (doctoral student) on the modelling of quadrupolar species with CPA, Riccardo Swanepoel (doctoral student) on a new corresponding states theory for solvent + polyolefin phase boundaries, and Ruan Hurter (master’s student) on modelling dipolar molecules with a group contribution variant of SAFT. Dr Jamie Cripwell, co-supervisor to Sonja and Ruan, was also in attendance. Throughout the experience, our researchers were able to build new connections and gain valuable insight.

From left to right: Riccardo Swanepoel, Prof. Cara Schwarz, Ruan Hurter, Sonja Smith, and Dr Jamie Cripwell