Current Undergraduates

Current undergraduates

The 2017 Engineering Calendar contains the most up to date information on the engineering curriculum (including module information and prerequisites), the University’s policies and rules, and more.

Class and assessment timetables can be found at, under the “Studies” tab, as well as at

Under the University’s Year Book page you can also find our assessment policies and regulations, by clicking on Policies and Rules.

Each year group is assigned a “year group lecturer”. This lecturer should be the students’ first point of contact regarding any academic issues (prior to approaching the Head of the Department). The year group lecturers are:

1st year lecturers Dr. LJ du Preez

& Dr. Robbie Pott

2nd year lecturers Ms. Sunel Nortjie

& Prof Cara Schwarz

3rd year lecturers Dr. Margreth Tadie

& Prof Cara Schwarz

4th year lecturers Prof Steven Bradshaw

The Department of Process Engineering at Stellenbosch University offers an optional internship module in their BEng (Chemical) programme, which gives students the opportunity to complete a one-year internship at an industry partner. Students can apply for an internship position during their third year of study, and should thus be able to graduate within one year of completing the internship. If selected, students will be placed at companies with which the Department of Process Engineering has an agreement regarding the internship requirements.

It is envisaged that students who participate in the internship programme will:

  1. Master concepts taught in undergraduate modules better by applying the knowledge to solve practical problems in an industrial context.
  2. Gain experience in the design, operation and analysis of processes that will prepare them better for their final-year modules.
  3. Graduate as students who are more employable, mature and self-confident, and hence more sought-after in industry.
  4. Develop a more realistic understanding of the reality and nature of chemical engineering work.

Students are expected to:

  • Perform their duties in a professional manner in accordance with the normal rules, disciplinary regulations and safety requirements of the industry partner.
  • Submit three predefined documents during their internship. If the reports of the student meet the requirements of the internship programme the Department of Process Engineering, his/her academic record will reflect satisfactory attendance of the internship module.

The Department of Process Engineering is responsible for the following:

  • To appoint an academic supervisor for each student. The academic supervisor acts as the contact person at the Department of Process Engineering for the specific student and his/her industrial supervisor and assists in defining and assessing the nature and scope of work expected from the student.
  • To manage the application and placement process, as well as the academic administration and requirements.

The Department of Process Engineering has no obligation to assist with arranging future/continued employment or any other means of support for students after completion of the internship.

Students apply for an internship during July in the preceding year of their final year of undergraduate study. Please contact Prof. Dorfling ( for more information.

All general undergraduate queries of currently enrolled students can be directed to Ms Samantha Starling.

Ms Samantha Starling

For academic or module-specific queries, please consult your year group lecturer.