Prof Izak Nieuwoudt

Extraordinary Professor

Short Bio

  • Education
    • DEng (Engineering), Stellenbosch University, 2023
    • PhD (Engineering), Stellenbosch University, 1994
    • MEng (Extractive Metallurgical Engineering), Stellenbosch University, 1989
    • BEng (Chemical Engineering), Stellenbosch University, 1986
  • Professional experience
    • Technical Director- FRI, Stillwater, OK, USA – October 2022 – present
    • Senior Engineer -FRI, Stillwater, OK, USA – January 2022 – September 2022
    • Innovation Advisor – Koch Engineered Solutions, Wichita, KS, USA – October 2021 – January 2022
    • Chief Technology Officer – Koch-Glitsch, Wichita, KS, USA – May 2016 – October 2021
    • Director: Research & Development
      Koch-Glitsch, Wichita, USA 
      September 2003 to October 2021
    • Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer
      Department of Process Engineering, Stellenbosch University
      April 1995 to August 2003
    • Senior Process Engineer, Senior Process Engineer Grade I
      SASTECH (Division of SASOL LTD.)
      November 1993 to March 1995
    • Design Engineer
      Universal Oil Products (UOP), Chicago, USA 
      October 1992 to October 1993
    • Senior Process Engineer, Process Engineer, Assistant Process Engineer
      SASTECH (A division of SASOL LTD.)
      March 1989 to October 1992
    • Research Assistant
      University of Stellenbosch, Chamber of Mines Contract
      January 1987 to February 1989
  • Honours & Awards
    • 2022: AIChE Separations Division award for a lifetime of contributions to the fields of distillation and absorption
    • 2010: Koch Industries Environmental, Health & Safety Excellence award.
    • 2002: Alexander von Humboldt Stipend to do research in Germany.
    • 2001: Listed in Marquis Who’s who in Science and Engineering.
    • 2001: DAAD Scholarship to do research in Germany.
    • 2001: Ad hominen promotion to Full Professor on the basis of research outputs.
    • 2000: University of Stellenbosch Lecturer of the year award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.
    • 1999: Ad hominem promotion to Associate Professor on the basis of research outputs.
    • 1999: Awarded University of Stellenbosch medal as one of the researchers of the year.
    • 1993: Sent to USA by Sasol on basis of being identified as an engineer with good potential.
    • 1992: Sastech (Sasol) award for technical achievement in developing extractive distillation processes.

Research Interests

  • Mass transfer equipment development and design
  • Development of separation processes
  • Solvent driven separations
  • Supercritical fluid processing
  • Thermodynamic modeling, hydraulic modeling, CFD and process simulations
  • Energy efficiency and decarbonization technology
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pilot plant construction and safety
  • Engineering education

Selected Publications

Visit my Google Scholar Profile for a complete list of my publications.

  • Inventor on 410 patents in 46 patent families (  and
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