Mrs Naomi Harrisankar de Oliveira

Junior Lecturer | Catalysis, Photocatalysis & Photoreactors

Short Bio

Mrs Naomi Harrisankar de Oliveira joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University as a part-time junior lecturer in February 2024. She is responsible for lecturing the first-year course in Engineering Chemistry, EC 123. Naomi completed her BSc Eng (Chemical Engineering) in 2017 and her MSc Eng (Chemical Engineering) in 2020, both from the University of Cape Town (UCT). She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at UCT, specialising in the field of photocatalysis. Her research focuses on photocatalytic green hydrogen production, as well as the design of photocatalysts and photoreactors.

Research Interests

Fundamentals of photocatalysis and catalysis
Green hydrogen production from sustainable fuel sources (water, seawater, and biofuels)
Photocatalyst material design
Photoreactor design, optimisation, and fundamentals

Selected Publications

Visit her Google Scholar Profile for a complete list of her publications.


Engineering chemistry EC 123