Meet Our Postgraduates

The Department of Chemical Engineering boasts a thriving postgraduate research environment with approximately 130 registered postgraduate candidates, including researchers from across Africa and the globe. Our department is also proud of an active Postgraduate Student Council (PGSC), which leads and serves the postgraduate cohort with academic and social support, as well as community engagement. Meet them below!

Meet our Postgraduate Student Council


I’m a faculty member since 2016 – self-proclaimed departmental dynamics aficionado. I have the dirtiest labcoat in the department, since I do not see the point in cleaning it. I also frequently match my scrunchies to my outfit, and on a good day, my socks match my scrunchie too.

Veronica Louwrens

Chairperson & PG Symposium

As a compassionate individual, I derive pleasure from assisting others. My hobbies include indulging in music and practicing the art of crocheting. I enjoy reading African literature. I also laugh a lot; it makes life easier.

Moleboheng Ntsetselane


I am an introvert by nature who loves social outreach programs. I grew up in a farming community and am therefore an animal lover. I enjoy the winter; I think it makes you appreciate summer the same is applicable in life.

Jade Amos


I like to spend my free time playing first-person shooter games, listening to hip-hop, or watching anime. I may display good comedic skills sometimes and I believe that ‘‘you should always do all that you can do and leave the rest to nature and God (s)’’.

Richard Mampana

Socials & Social Impact

Growing up in Khayelitsha has taught me to make the most of what I have. I mean, we would make cars out of bricks, milk cartons, bucket lids and many other things. Even today, I still subscribe to that viewpoint. 

Lukhanyo Rode

Socials & Social Impact

A passionate, Godfearing , mineral processing junkie with the eagerness to learn and engage with individuals from different backgrounds.

Anthony Tapfuma

International Students & Safety Rep

Alternative and soul R&B music lover. I play the alto saxophone and enjoy singing too. I have a special talent for falling asleep within a minute and 30 seconds, which is what got me through my engineering studies – quality naps!

Thaakira Jabaar

Transformation & PG Symposium

Family, football, chemical engineering – in that order.

Matthew Noach

Monthly Bulletin Editor & Safety Rep

Meet our Postgraduate Candidates

Judi Kuyler


Bioresource Engineering

Research Topic

Using micro-aeration to improve the anaerobic digestion proces

Supervisor(s) / Promotor(s)

Supervisor: Prof Eugene Van Rensburg
Co-Supervisors: Prof Johann Görgens, Prof Sampson Mamphweli

Professional Summary

I am a chemical engineering postgraduate student in the field of bioresource engineering. I completed my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University in 2021. My final year research project topic was, “Scenario-based techno-economic analysis of carbon emission mitigation approaches for a Western Cape dairy farm”. During my project I developed an interest in bioresource engineering, specifically anaerobic digestion and developing a circular economy in the agricultural industry. In my master’s studies, I am furthering my knowledge of anaerobic digestion by investigating how micro-aeration can be used to improve the process.

I grew up on a dairy farm, played the clarinet in my school band and town’s local orchestra, and I matriculated with 9 subjects (average mark of 93.7%). These experiences and the lessons learnt during my undergraduate studies taught me the core values of being a team player, able to work under pressure, and the importance of being willing to go the extra mile to get the job done with the best results.

My goal after completing my studies is to become part of a team where I can contribute skills of being precise, hands-on, and a creative problem solver.